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Teachers are the supporting pillars who guide students on the path of success. Our faculties are well qualified with a passion for teaching.

Arun Keerthi A

Department of Hindi
Qualification: M.Com, MA Hindi, B.Ed (Pursuing)
Area of Interest: Poetry, Gender Studies, Art
Experience: 1year

Kiran H. N

Department of Physical Education
Qualification: B.Com, B.Ped
Area of Interest: Kho- Kho, Athletic events, various games.
Experience: 10 years

Meenu Rajan

Department of English
Qualification: MA English Literature, B.Ed (Pursuing)
Area of Interest: Indian Literature, Post-Colonial literature, Gender studies, coordinating activities
Experience: 2 years

Rashmi S Koppal

Department of Computer Science
Qualification: BCA, B.Ed (Pursuing)
Area of Interest: Programming language, Software, dance
Experience: 3 years

Sanjith Kumar R

Department of Mathematics
Qualification: M.Sc Mathematics, B.Ed (Pursuing)
Area of Interest: Algebra, Trigonometry, stage management for extra-curricular stage events.
Experience: 2 years

Sudhashree K H

Department of Kannada
Qualification: BA Kannada, B.Ed
Area of Interest: Kannada prose, dance, costume design
Experience: 7 years

Taniya Tom

Department of English
Qualification: BA English Literature, B.Ed., KTET , CTET, MA English Literature (Pursuing)
Area of Interest: Regional literature, cultural studies
Experience: 1 year

Sandra Maria Siby

Department of Mathematics
Qualification: MSc Mathematics, B. Ed, CTET, KTET
Area of Interest: Abstract algebra
Experience: 1 year

Albin Roy

Department of Physics
Qualification: BSc Physics, B.Ed., KTET, CTET
Area of Interest: Optics, Mechanics
Experience: 1 year

Mereena Chacko

Department of History
Qualification: MA History, B.Ed
Area of Interest: Indian History, Anthropology , Diplomatic History
Experience: 1 year

Esther Elizabeth Abraham

Qualification: BBA, PGDM (MBA), PG Diploma in Montessori Teachers training, B.Ed. (Pursuing)
Area of Interest: Concrete to Abstract learning, cosmic education, didactic teaching

Salomi A

Qualification: MSc Microbiology
Area of Interest: Life Sciences, Bio-chemistry and genetics