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Kristu Jayanti CMI Public School is located in the luscious village of Kannamangala and is a hub of learning facilitated by the tranquil and serene environment surrounding the school. Each child here is closely connected to Mother Nature and knows the role of nature in a healthy sustenance.

The school is built on 17.5 acres of land, closely entwined with nature. Kristu Jayanti CMI public school is evolving everyday with more and more facilities added every day. We strive to provide a continued education, where a child can begin the journey of education as a cocoon from Pre-KG and emerge as a butterfly after their grade 12. The 24 classrooms in the school are spacious with ventilation which allows a healthy flow of air. The classrooms are well maintained with colourful paintings and furniture. Intelligent Interactive Panels are also installed in each class to improve auditory and sensory learning. Activity rooms are also incorporated to promote experiential learning. School also has lab facilities for subjects such as science and computer. Language labs and audio visual labs are also used to facilitate the learning process.

School also has a large playground to advance and promote child’s physical capabilities. The thematic park functions as a safe space where child can enjoy-stress free.

School has a spacious open air atrium where assemblies and celebrations are conducted. The large wooden door receives the visitors into the aesthetically gratifying foyer and reception area. The office, located on the left side of the entrance, is separated into different sections for fast-paced efficiency. The school has seven central pillars in the forefront which represents the seven important virtues and acts as a reminder of how virtuous behaviour leads one forward in life.