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The four distinctive houses namely Manava, Pranava, Satya and Sneha are intricately designed to cultivate sportsman spirit and sense of belongingness amongst the students. The names of the houses were the result of deep introspection, Manava essentially means human and emphasizes the importance of humanity within each individual; Pranava denotes a form of meditation and symbolizes the need of spirituality in all beings. Satya stands for truth and signifies how honesty is one of the most important virtues that a human being should exhibit; Sneha stands for friendship and connotes how humans are social beings, it also represents the solidarity and fraternity between all humans. The various house-wise activities such as assemblies nurture unanimity and healthy competition among the students. It aids in developing virtues of righteousness and acceptance. All the house activities are conducted under the supervision of house animators. The 4 houses have their own house colours and flags to show their pride and belongingness. House- wise arts and sports competitions are also conducted to develop unity among students.


• To develop healthy competition among students.
• To enhance inter-personal skills of students.
• To make students confident and bold in their approach.
• The most important aim of our house is to develop team spirit.
• To foster good communication skills in each student.