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The extended ministries of the Pastoral, Educational and Social apostolates of our Province in Bangalore has been evolved gradually by way of establishing our Bangalore Mission in 1993 by purchasing the land and establishing Educational Institution and pastoral activities. The property was bought during the tenor of Fr. James Narithookil CMI, Provincial and his team. In 1994 Fr.Jose Valiyamattamm took the charge of the centre and initiated the process of converting the land for the educational purposes. The then Provincial Fr. James Aerthayil CMI and his team had taken keen interest in realizing the projects in the purchased property. Being the director of the centre Fr.Jose extended many pastoral services to the nearby parishes and formation houses.

Kristu Jayanti College started in the year 1999 under the Bodhi Niketan Trust of St. Joseph Province Kottayam, is a Land mark in the history of our Province. Rev. Fr. Thomas Kadankavil was the founder Principal. Now the college has imprinted its academic presence and excellence in the academic career not only in Bengaluru but all over the nation. Kristu Jayanti College becomes a synonym of Excellence in the Country.

Completing 21 years of its academic pursuits, disciplined curriculum, integral formation, alluring placements, winning laurels in the co-curricular and extracurricular activities, unique teacher-student interaction Kristu Jayanti becomes an unparalleled educational hub in Bangalore.

With this Vision and mission in spirit and truth Bodhi Niketan Trust takes another initiative to launch a new CBSE school at Kannamangala ,near Nelamangala, Bangalore North, imbibing the tradition and heritage of providing quality education in an around Bengaluru for the younger generation.

A plot of 12 acres of land (Survey Nos :12/2,12/1,12/4,12/3,137/5,137/9 ) has been purchased in 2010 at Kannamangala with a view to expand the educational activities of Bodhi Niketan Trust during the tenor of Fr. Sebastian Elenjickal, the Provincial, Fr. Josekutty Padinjarepeedika, the Principal and Fr. Jose Parekkattu, the financial administrator with the support of all the council members and the members of CMI Ashram, Bengaluru. Another 4.5.5 guntas of land (Survey Nos:9/2, 9/3, 10/1, 10/6, 11/2, 11/3, 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/8) was brought in 2012 during the Provincial ship of Fr. Josekutty Padinjarepeedika, the CMI and Fr. Sebastian Thekkedathu CMI, the Principal. The prime concern for the purchase of the second land was to start a new school. But the said properties were registered under agricultural section and therefore it was not easy to start educational institutions unless otherwise it has been converted for the same.

But later with the unfailing efforts our financial administrators Fr. Jose Parekkattil CMI and Fr. Lijo Pazhaveettil CMI, we could convert the land for the educational purpose. Fr. Jose Parekkattil CMI, Former Financial administrator, Kristu Jayanti College, Bursar, Bodhi Niketan Trust and the Director of Nelamanagala Campus (2014-2017) initiated the process. In 2016 the proposed plan and the estimate of the new school building had been submitted to the Provincial council for its approval and sanction and it had been approved by the General Council and the Provincial Council respectively.

A meeting of the Bodhi Niketan Trust held on 31/12/18 discussed the details of establishing an English Medium School in the 4.5 acres of land at Kannamangala and resolved to request the Provincial to procure the permission for the same. It was decided to start the school in the academic year 2019-20 under CBSE syllabus. The Provincial Council considered the request favourably and granted the needed permission to proceed with the formalities to construct the building for the new school at Kannamangala. The plan and the estimate of the school building was submitted on7/05/2016 to the Provincial Council and it has been approved (Ref PC 44-01/367/BAN 2016)

The foundation stone was laid on19/08/2018 by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Elanjickal CMI, Provincial and the construction started thereafter.

The Vidyarambam ceremony was held on 19th of June and all the 65 students lit the light of wisdom drawing away ignorance. The inauguration of the first phase of construction was conducted on 17th of December and the newly completed temple of learning was blessed by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Elanjickal CMI, Provincial and other esteemed priests of the community.