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Education must localize the global by measure and method to augment the innate skills of each child and we in Kristu Jayanti CMI Public School are committed to this most noble of causes. We are guided by the vision formulated by the pioneer of education, St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara who envisaged quality education that is accessible to children, especially children who have been marginalized and denied access to quality education. To accomplish that vision, Kristu Jayanti has spread its academic annexes to the rural milieu of Kannamangala village.

Education is a systematic process with very tempered concepts, ideologies and pedagogies to enhance the learning process; we relentlessly strive to customize and implement the various concepts of education keeping the village purlieu in mind. The urban nature of education should sanctify the rural realms by providing the students with the advanced facilities and standardized teaching -learning atmosphere. Education, as we believe in our institution, is a link to browse the enormous possibilities one should find in oneself. This deeply individualized approach enables us to equip our students for the outside world with knowledge, confidence and as morally upright competent citizens of tomorrow. In addition, we groom out our students to possess knowledge which guides them righteously in all physical, emotional and mental qualms. Each child has inborn ability to absorb and process information; while enhancing this quality, we also chisel out the innate talent each child possesses outside of academia. Education is a pathfinder to the innate skills and talents of the children; it is an antibody to cure the divisions and wounds, rifts and wrath, segmentation and marginalization, fragmentation and idolization of the individual and the society.

We provide a platform for each child to grow and flourish. In Kristu Jayanti CMI Public school education is just not a concept but contextualization where each child’s individuality is taken into account.
                                                                           - Rev. Fr. Philip Joseph, Principal