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1. Parents are requested to be present sharp at 4.30 p.m. so as to start and end our programme on time.

2. Parking should be behind the school near the playground.

3. No bus facility available after the programme. Parents should pick the students up from the school.

4. Parents are advised not to go to the make rooms before or during the programme.

5. No photography is allowed during the makeup time or before the programme.

6. Don’t take your children immediately after his/her programme gets over. There is a grand finale at the end where all the students come to the stage in their costumes.

7. Parents should send the students with lunch and some snacks .Evening snacks and coffee will be provided for them from the school.

8. Students are to come to school tomorrow at normal time. They should come to school in neat and tidy and in regular uniform (Blue).Parents should see that the uniforms are properly washed and ironed and shoes polished, tie and socks are neat and washed.

9. Our programme is a continuous one so sit and enjoy till the last.

10. Parents should see that no strangers should enter the campus for the function.

11. You should support and encourage the students by clapping the hands and cheers.

12. General discipline should be maintained all throughout during the public meeting and the annual day programmes.

13. All the students are there in any one of the programme.

Instructions to Parents
Dear Parents
Parents’ Orientation cum PTM will be held on Thursday, 23rd January 2020 from 2.15 pm to 3.15 pm in the School Hall. All the Parents (Father and Mother) are requested to attend the meeting without fail.
2.15 PM. -Address by the Principal
2.30 – 3.00 PM - Orientation Talk on “Duties of Parents” (Kannada) by Prof.Sreedhar (Kristu Jayanti College (Autonomous), Kothanur)
3. 00 PM onwards - PTM (signing the Progress Card of Unit Test -4)
Venue - Class Rooms

Instructions to Parents
A meeting is arranged for the Parents to meet the Principal and the Teachers to discuss on the Academics of the School on Thursday, 24th October from 2.30 PM to 3.30 PM. Parents are requested to make use of the time fruitfully. The meeting will be commencing on time. Note the following:

1. There will not be Unit Test in this month as we have half yearly Examination in the first week of November. Parents are requested to remit the fee dues when you come for the meeting.

2. As per the CBSE norm Extra-Curricular Activities are the part of curriculum. All the students must participate in any of the items provided. So no exception will be granted in this regard to any student.

3. If students need extra note books they have to get them from the office on Payment.

4. Parents please do iron the uniforms of your wards after washing.

5. It is seen that the absentees are not producing the leave letters to the Principal. Please do remind the students not to forget it if they are absent.

6. Late coming has to be reported to the Principal before entering the respective classes.

7. While attending the PTM kindly mention the positive remarks of the school and the teaching learning process prior to the complaints and demands.

8. It is a must to wear the ID cards on all the working days. But some students keep the ID cards at home. Parents please see that the students wear the ID cards regularly.

Instructions to Parents

1. Thank you for your unfailing support and encouragement for the smooth running of the school. Our students adjusted with the school environment and they do respond positively to the teaching and learning process.

2. Being a new syllabus they may find some difficulty in the beginning but gradually they will adapt themselves to the academics.

3. Every school possesses a PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) we too have a PTA for the well-being of the school as well as the school activities. So we need to select a PTA President who is able to co-operate with the management and teachers for the excellent outcome of the academic and other activities. We will do it at the end of this session.

4. Home work is given .The parents should see that the home work is done at home.

5. We have given a home time table. See that they follow the time is for making their life disciplined and study systematic.

6. Every Wednesday we have project presentation. It is made with an intention that our students should make it themselves rather than being done by tuition teachers or others. We do not encourage such activities.

7. We do plan to celebrate Parents day. On that occasion some games and entertainment programmes are expected from the part of parents or even grandparents. Those who are interested to sing or dance or do skit give their names to Mr. Kiran.

8. Independence day celebration will be held in the school in the morning. 9. We hold assembly everyday starting with mass drill. Thought for the day, news reading, GK questions and teaching a new word are the various programmes scheduled in the assembly. It is going well.

10. Our uniform will be reaching by the end of next week. School uniform consists of two pair of regular uniform one pair of house uniform, one White T-shirt to wear on Saturdays, three pairs of socks, and tights for girls, sweater, and blazer for fifth and sixth grade students Tie, belt and ID card. The amount will be informed at the end. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday regular uniform. Thursday house uniform Saturday T-Shirt with Thursday’s lower pants.

11. We have two extracurricular activities on every Thursdays: Dance and Karate. It’s meant for all the students for which you have to pay only 250 per month. You can pay the amount of extra-curricular activities along with the next term fee.

12. A special dress is needed for doing Karate. If you buy it is ok otherwise the Karate master will arrange it on payment.

13. Jayantian Shruthi the Arts day competition will be held on 3rd August. The list of the events is given to the students. Parents shall take interest to train them at home.

14. be punctual in remitting all sorts of fee like Bus fee, extra-curricular activities, uniform and so on.

15. Today you can pay the bus fee after the meeting. Just give the amount and name of student. The bill will be given to you on Monday through your ward as it is not possible to write all the bills today.


16. First week and third week we have test papers & second week we have dictation and Quiz. Last week we have unit test. This will be the pattern of examination. It should be followed by Class wise PTA meeting.

17. We are giving the library books to read in the class room itself. They are asked to write the summary of the books read by them.

18. We provide the ID card after getting the uniform because we need to take the photos wearing the uniform.

19. Parents are not supposed to enter the class rooms.

20. It is a must that only parents should come to pick up the child if any emergency occurs. Don’t send any drivers, or friends or neighbors for the same. We should not send the child with them at any cost. If there is no options send a letter with person addressing to the Principal saying that you will be full responsible and you don’t have any objection for the same. If anyone other than parents comes to pick up the child we will take a photo of the person with the child before sending.

Saturday Classes

21. First and Third Full days and Forth will be a Half day unless and otherwise informed earlier.

22. Today students will come with you so no school bus facility will be there in the afternoon.

23. If any money is given to the drivers or Ayahs it should be in sealed /closed envelops

24. I got a complaint that either of the parents is not there at the bus point to collect the children from the bus. Parents should take initiative in this regard. One of you or the elder siblings should be there at the bus stop to pick up the child.

25. Please be at the bus stop 5 minutes before. We can save the time .The study time starts at 8.45 am .But if one student is late it will affect the total timing. So be careful

26. An extra pair of dress should be given to the school for the first and second standard students for meeting an emergency situation like vomiting, urinating and so on.

27. We have two semester examinations (SA1 and SA2) one in the month of November and another in the first week of April. School closes for the summer vacation only after the Second semester examination.

1. Should Co-operate with the Management and teachers
2. Attend the function whenever is required
3. Promote healthy link between parents and school
4. Always inform the feed backs
5. Be the right hand of the management
6. Should not be based on politics or region

Let us work together- Pray together love together for the good future of our children
May God bless you and thank you. Now parents can meet the teachers in the respective class rooms. You can give the feedback there to the teachers. Don’t make rush take time and see the progress of your child sign the report card and take the child with you and go.

Dear Parents.
A general body meeting of all the parents will be conducted on Saturday, 27th July 2019, from 9.30 to 1 pm in the school. All the parents are requested to attend the meeting without fail

09.15. a.m. - Registration
09.30 -a.m. - Talk on Parental Role in the Formation of Children
11.30. a.m. - Tea break
11.45 a.m. - Discussion and decision making
01.00. P.M - dispersal
Principal-Parents-Teachers Meet-2019

Dear Parents,
We are grateful to you for the unfailing support and never fading co-operation extending to Kristu Jayanti CMI Public School from the very beginning of this Academic year.

We are very glad to inform you that we scheduled a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Meeting on Saturday, 27th July from 9.30 am to 1 p.m. On this auspicious occasion an Orientation Session is arranged for the Parents on the given topic: “Positive Parenting for the New Generation” Rev Fr.Jose Panampuzha CMI (Principal, Bharath Matha Composite P.U College, Koppa, Kushalnagar) will be the resource person.

It will be followed by Principal’s Address, Business Session and Meeting of Teachers for signing the Mark Cards.
Attend the programme on time without fail.
All are Welcome.
N.B. Registration is compulsory. It starts at 9.30 A.M. Students have regular classes till noon.