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Extra-Curricular Activities

Two hours of Wednesday are dedicated especially to curating physical fitness and cultural flair in the students. Dance classes are expressly co-ordinated by choreographers Mr. Raju and Ms. Sofi. Various dance forms such as Indian classical dance, freestyle, and Western are taught to students. These dance forms not only spark an interest in the students but also increase their stamina and make them physically fit. The dance lessons are planned in such a way that students are capable of performing dances on the stage by the end of the year.

Dance helps to develop a multifaceted physicality through a variety of dance practices. It enables the student to use the body effectively as an instrument for performance with attention to areas including, but not limited to range of motion, flexibility, strength, awareness, specificity, qualitative range, and engagement with the imagination.

Karate and Taekwondo
Karate aims to build character, improve human behavior, and cultivate modesty and equip students with the ability to defend one’s own self and others. Karate advances concentration and contributes a lot to building physical fitness. Karate constructs physical and mental agility and stamina and helps the child to develop spiritually. Karate sessions are conducted by Coach Gangadutta Sharma and the one hour of Karate allotted each week accelerates a spiritual, mental, and physical transformation in each child.

The learning of karate and taekwondo improves confidence, increases flexibility, provides better coordination, lower blood pressure, and heart rate, and lets one gain self-defense skills.

Artistic talents inside each child are sought and developed during the art classes. Students are taught how to express themselves through art and are taken on an artistic journey through their empty canvas where they explore, discover and develop an artistic genius of their caliber.

Through art classes students will develop and enhance their awareness and understanding of the visual world, which strengthens their observational drawing skills and recognition of the complexities, thereby they will make art that is intellectually honest, personal, and useful as a means of better understanding their lives and experiences.

Skating lessons are intrinsically woven into the curriculum so as to ensure a well-rounded development of the student community as it increases concentration, muscle strength, joint flexibility, and endurance.

The school band is a musical ensemble that ensures that students have a wide array of instruments to choose from and is a platform to foster teamwork and synchronization.

Yoga sessions conducted on Wednesday prepare the students physically and mentally for the integration of their physical, mental and spiritual faculties so that the students can become healthier, saner and more integrated members of the society.