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Overall Result


The success of a school can be measured not only through marks but also through the personal and overall development of the students. The rural setting ensured that a huge majority of students came without a basic foundation of English. This was a huge challenge for both teachers and students and opportunities and events apart from classroom training were customized for such students. The gradual change was shown in students as they participated in school level competitions. Some students also exhibited their talent in National level Spelling Bee Competitions and cleared for the second level of the same, Nikhil N of Grade 1 attained 290th rank in National level and other students namely; Kushala of Grade 1, Kushal Gowda of Grade 2, Ullas Nayaka of Grade 3 and Vishal M of Grade 6 cleared the primary round and cleared for 2nd round. This underlines the tremendous growth and development in the students.