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Jayantian Special


What makes Jayantian education exclusive?

Education has become a very accessible commodity in this ultra modern world. As the world is moving forward and growing, the need for quality education is also increasing. Kristu Jayanti CMI Public School aims to sculpt each child into efficient and adept citizens of tomorrow. Everyday at Kristu Jayanti CMI Public School is well planned and organized for the optimum growth and development. Learning should not be limited to the four walls of a classroom , constrained to syllabus. To go beyond the barriers of narrow textbook learnings, Kristu jayanti CMI public school, conduct sessions to shape and hew the new generation.

The root of the word Synergia is extracted from Greek and essentially means working together. Our students are given exclusive chances to work and learn from students of Kristu Jayanti College, Bengaluru. These sessions enable them to get more insights, fills them with confidence and it also help them to get an overview about the educational opportunities awaiting them. It also provides a cultural exposure as the students get a chance to interact with senior students hailing from different parts of the world; which acts as a foundation stone to become a well adjusted citizen of this diverse world.

The term Epignosis is derived from Greek and means true knowledge. Human life is a quest to gain knowledge and we help our students to grow and flourish by watering their mind with true essence of knowledge. This session provides each child with an enlightening experience where they get to listen to various aspects of this universe from the lectures of Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore. These sessions have profound impact on students, it chisels and forms them spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.