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Environmental education is one of the most important parts of education and its need is unavoidable. Environmental education has the ability to solve many issues we face today. We need school children to develop a passion for environmental issues and actively strive to contribute positively to the environment. As part of our curriculum, we have Athenians (Social Club) for the students to be aware of the environmental problems that we face in this era. Saplings were planted and students cleaned the school surroundings as part of our Green Earth initiative. Our students visited IIHR and grabbed information about the Indian agricultural system and its needs in today’s scenario. To imbibe the importance of a cleaner, greener environment in our students, we preserve water and other energy resources; we have banned plastic on our campus and provided reusable, nature-friendly bags in order to bring awareness among the students and the general public. The higher-class students have used various platforms to spread awareness about the various environmental problems which can prove lethal to the whole of human civilization. We nurture nature through plastic-free nature.