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Discipline is an integral part of the learning process. To develop self-control, a student must be trained to bridle emotions and impulses, to live in harmony with others, to respect family traditions, to keep the laws of the country and to obey the commandments of God.

* All students shall be in the school premises at 8.45 am, 5 minutes before the morning bell and taking part in the refreshing meditation and solemn morning assembly in an orderly and respectful manner.

* In the afternoon, students should be in their classrooms after the first bell and maintain silence during the prayer. Classes will commence at the prayer.

* Each student must bring their Students’ handbook to school every day and have it with them in every class.

* The school expects students to be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the school. They should be respectful to their elders and teachers, and considerate to their juniors; honest and truthful at all times.

* Students shall keep silence and decorum in the classrooms and corridors. If they should go to another classroom they should move silently in a line and return after class within 5 min.

* Students shall not leave their classrooms or enter other classrooms without permission.

* Students are not allowed to enter teacher’s staff room without permission or in the absence of any teacher.

* Speaking in English is compulsory at the school.

* The school premises and classrooms must be kept neat and tidy.

* Any damage caused to the property of the school or of other students must be reported to the Principal and will have to be compensated.

* Students shall be responsible for the safe custody of their belonging. It is suggested that the students’ name and class be inscribed on all articles such as uniforms, shoes, lunch boxes, umbrellas etc.

* The school is a plastic free zone and does not promote students bringing and using single-use plastic.

* Every student shall endeavor to keep up the high standard of the school by excelling in studies, good manners and deportment/personal conduct.

* Politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct as well as cleanliness and grace of person are to be cultivated and cherished.

* Students are expected to behave with dignity outside the school premises also. Any activities of the student outside the school premises or in public places, which may harm the name, reputation and discipline of the School will be addressed and disciplinary action will be initiated if found necessary.

* While wearing the school uniform, no student must engage in behaviour or associations detrimental to the moral tone, values and goodwill of the school. Strict disciplinary action will be initiated against the student found engaging in the same.

* Students are discouraged from carrying too much money or any expensive articles to school.

* Students are not permitted to bring iPods, cameras, laptops and other electronic equipment without the permission of the teacher concerned.

* Students are strictly prohibited from bringing or using mobile phones in the school campus. If found in possession the articles will be confiscated.

* No vehicle will be allowed to enter the school campus during school hours.

* All students are sincerely exhorted to cultivate the habit of morning and evening prayer.

* Whenever students are permitted to wear casual clothes, they must be modestly and suitably attired for school.

Parental Responsibility

The active co-operation of the parents is an essential pre-requisite for the welfare of the students. Parents are advised to
* Check the Student’s handbook daily and sign teacher’s remarks if any within the prescribed time.
* Respond to circulars and other communication from the school promptly.
* Supervise the child’s daily lessons.
* Ensure that the child has adequate hours of study at home and completes all assignments.
* Encourage the child to participate in all co-curricular activities and school functions.
* Ensure that the child is punctual.
* Take pride in sending the child to school neatly turned out.
* Attend PTM to get an update on the student’s academic progress and conduct.
* Intimate any change of phone number or address to the school promptly.
* Participation in talks or seminars arranged by school authorities is compulsory to help and guide parents in fulfilling their parental responsibility in the best possible manner.
* The attitudes and habits listed below are important elements that are definitely

Parents may meet teachers only with the permission of the Principal during recess time.