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Kristu Jayanti CMI public school focuses on imparting holistic education to each and every child. We believe that education should shape and mould the child into competent, morally upright and proficient citizens of tomorrow; and to fulfill our vision of education, Kristu Jayanti CMI Public School follows a curriculum that is intrinsically designed to promote all-encompassing growth of the child. School follows Xseed curriculum which focuses on building thinking skills and problem solving confidence in children. Our curriculum is an amalgamation of understanding global needs and providing an academic platform that caters to these international needs by kindling a curious mind within students. It utilizes infrastructure and human resources to instill holistic growth with a wide perspective of society and man’s interaction with it.


“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.”
―William Arthur Ward

The pillars born deep into the rock will hold a roof for generations. Learning is a lifelong process which illumines the mind and brightens the intellect, education is the path to fulfillment and our Pre KG environment strives to kindle the curiosity within the child so that the foundation stone of learning is deeply rooted into the mind of each child.

Good environment stimulates learning process and our pre-KG classrooms are specially designed to stir interest within the child. Our colourful classroom with beautiful paintings of scenery engrosses and engages children with creative interest. Our classrooms are well- equipped with colourful furniture which enhances the learning environment. Our teachers are also aided by intelligent interactive panels (IIP) which boosts the learning experience with videos and audios. This helps to develop auditory and sensory learning quality and promotes individual learning capacities of each child.

The bubbling energy of each child is utilized by a wide variety of activities which promotes their growth and development and this also enables the child to enjoy learning through experiential learning. The child’s interest is roused and developed through activity based curriculum, specially designed to shape and form the succeeding years of academia.

The environment created here is warm and welcoming which erases homesickness from the child’s mind.


As the child is climbing the rungs of education, fostering values and morals, we strive to create more illustrative and creative learning environment. The curriculum is developed to challenge the intellectual growth of the child. We analyze the latest pedagogical developments and thematic inter-disciplinary approaches and blend these tactics to advance the various skills intertwined with learning. As the maxim of learning gradually advance from concrete to abstract, the teachers guide them creatively and critically towards crafting a well-rounded foundation of education.

There is a huge scope of personal development which the child learns how to interact and communicate properly. During this period, our curriculum also focuses on developing and exercising creativity, team work, interpersonal skills and self-expression. The uniqueness of each child is also taken into account and students are given platform to develop their cultural and artistic talents, varying from art, dance, craft to sports.


As the child goes higher on the ladder of education, they are molded innately to be methodical and self- disciplined. The curriculum is broad and is specially fabricated to challenge the young minds and to nurture and hone special skills. Along with guided work, teachers encourage individual work which develops responsibility and commitment within the child.