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The four clubs of the school are designed with the aim of fostering academic growth along with subject awareness and acute insight into specific specializations. The four clubs are Pythagoreans (Math Club), Eco-lution (Nature Club), Athenians (Social Club) and Brainiacs (Quiz Club).

• To advance the arithmetic skills and knowledge of students.
• To create practical awareness of math.
• Eradicate the fear of math from children.
• Math Club will support classroom learning, enrich their skills with higher order thinking, and prepare students for future Math Competitions.

• To inculcate environment friendly activities in students.
• To create awareness about the importance of conservation of nature.
• To cultivate love for nature in the students.
• To dissuade children from potentially harming their surroundings

• To create competent and responsible citizens.
• To develop an intellectual curiosity within the students.
• To cultivate values of social harmony and brotherhood.
• To provide practical knowledge of the subject.

• To create analytical skills in students
• To develop awareness about the world in students.
• To instill in our students the values of Knowledge, Wisdom and Compassion; and make them smart citizens.
• To popularize quizzing activities among students